Saturday, December 22, 2007

Julia's Musings: Dear Santa All I Want for Christmas Is....

The last time I wrote a letter to Santa I was 8 years old. It worked out really well, I asked for a bike and I received a bike. With that in mind I thought I would give it a go here and see what happens.

Dear Santa,
I have been working really hard this year along with many other advocates who want to see a society where health care, education, and housing opportunities are equitable for all people. If you could find it in your heart to help us out with some Holiday wishes that would be wonderful. Here is the list Santa.

*Real SCHIP reauthorization (not simply an extension of current funding) that would cover children who do not have health insurance. All children deserve an opportunity to have a healthy start to their lives. That way they can jump on you lap and tell you what they want for Christmas.
*ADA Reauthorization would be a real treat. We still have two Senators in our state who have not signed on to this important legislation. The American’s with Disabilities Act was a major victory in the Disability Rights Movement. It is time we restore the intent of this civil rights legislation so that it will secure equity for many generations to come.
*More affordable and accessible housing options in North Carolina and the nation. Everyone deserves a place to hang those Christmas stockings and put out some milk and cookies for you St. Nick. Of course that means more stops to make but hey you can handle it.
*More reliable and accessible transportation options for people with disabilities. That way we can do Holiday shopping at more stores and share the Holiday spirit with our friends and families.
*Passage of the College Affordability Act. We need to ensure that our teens have a way to access the opportunity to a higher education. This means we need student loan options and more accessible campuses. We also need grants to states so they can design programs for students with cognitive disabilities in our community college systems.
*And last but not least, we would really appreciate it if you could bring Holiday joy to everyone.

I have put out some cookies and milk and will be expecting you soon. Say hi to the reindeer.

Hugs and Jingle Bells,

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